Prices are based on currency exchange rate at the time of printing and are subject to adjustments according to the currency exchange rate at the time of booking.
  All reservations must be made in writing (letter, fax, e-mail) and become valid once the client has signed an order form.
  Payment will be done as follows :
  * 20% down with the reservation
  * The remainder 45 days before arrival date
  If the registration is done less than 45 days before arrival date, the full price is due immediately.
  Cancellations by the client must be in writing to France Golf Tours and are subject to the following forfeit of cost per person :
    * Cancellation 45 days or more before arrival date : 20% of the package value
    * Cancellation between 45 and 30 days before arrival date : 50% of the package value
    * Cancellation less than 30 days before arrival date : 100% of the package value
  Any modifications asked for by the client less than 45 days before arrival date will only be possible if the various service providers (hotels, restaurants, golf clubs) are able to comply. Otherwise, any resquested modifications could be considered as a cancellation and would be subject to the above mentioned cancellation policy.
  France Golf Tours will not assume responsibility for any delay or damage to or loss of property or injury to or death of persons due to transportations (rental car, motorcoach, railroad, air flight, or any other conveyances), or due to suppliers (accommodations, golf courses, restaurants), or due to any other external reasons (strikes, weather conditions, etc).
  If, during the stay, any of the service providers (hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, châteaux….) do not meet the programed standards, the client must require of the service provider a downgrade or non provided service certificate or, lacking the above, the client must submit a written claim to France Golf Tours within 30 days of the end of the stay. Any claim not respecting this protocol will not be admitted. There will be no refunds for any unused portions of the package.
  The client acknowledges having the necessary golf skills for playing on the programed courses.
  The client plays golf on the course solely under his own responsibility towards others and equipment.
  France Golf Tours can not be held responsible if the golf course can not be used because of weather conditions or a tournament organized by the golf club.
  France Golf Tours can not be held responsible if there is a litigation between the client and the golf club in case of theft, loss or damage of equipment.
  Payment by the client, means full acceptance, by the client of the above mentioned terms and conditions