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What is NewYorkInFrench.net  
NewYorkInFrench.net offers since 2009 information and resources to experience New York in French language.
NewYorkInFrench.net also presents France related events. 

- 5,000 active users exposed to ads a month
- 55% of the ad impressions are in New York DMA 501
- 11,000 + members

Who should advertise on NewYorkInFrench.net

Any event organizers, educational organizations, and companies selling French related products and services and more specifically:
   - Travel related companies: TO, airlines companies,

   - Companies offering French and European products: books ...
   - Companies willing to increase their brand recognition and business with highly educated people.

Packages terms and conditions

All advertising include capping (3-5), and IP targeting.
- 200x200 pixels banners: $10 CPM
- 468x60 pixels banners: $15 CPM
- 1415x1860 pixels wallpaper $800 per month
- Dedicated emailing to 11,000 + members (examples
WhatMayCome , Les Cowboys) $550 
- Featured partner on the home page: 200x400 pixels (example France Amerique
                                                   or 200x200 pixels + 300 characters (example Gymglish)
                                                                                                     3 months $300
                                                                                                   12 months $600

All advertising programs need final approval by NewYorkInFrench.net.
Capricorn is the exclusive advertising agency. Capricorn focuses on French expatriates, French speakers in countries where French is not an official language, people traveling to France. Capricorn is based in New York City since 1999.

Third party tracking.

Interested in advertising on NewYorkInFrench.net
Please call 1 (917) 534 0402, or send an email (contact@netcapricorn.com) or answer this short online form and a consultant will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your advertising needs.


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